Auxiliary Plastic Extrusion Equipment

IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds Auxiliary Plastic Processing Equipment Details

IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds offers a broad range of equipment that can be used for the auxiliary processing of plastics for plastic compounding, toll plastic manufacturing and polymer research needs.  The auxiliary plastic processing equipment available to our plastic extrusion customers includes a ¾” Brabender single screw laboratory extruder that can be outfitted with plastic processing adaptors to enable strand pelletizing, blown plastic films, cast plastic films, and capillary rheology.  IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds also has a Davis Standard cast film line for the processing of plastic films.  The cast plastic processing film line is outfitted with an 18 inch die and mirror finished chill rolls.  Our auxiliary plastic processing equipment also includes an Engel injection molder for the processing of plastics into various shaped parts.  IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds also utilizes a broad range of gravimetric and volumetric feeders that can be specified as needed for various auxiliary plastic processing jobs.  The details of each auxiliary plastic processing feeder is noted below.  Finally, IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds also uses a variety of other auxiliary plastic processing equipment and their capabilities are noted below.

Single Screw Laboratory Extruder – 3/4” 

 Cast Film Plastic Processing Line

  • Manufacturer: Davis Standard
  • Single Screw for plastic processing
  • Single Screw Laboratory Extruder L/D:  25:1
  • Plastic Processing Film Die:  18”
  • Mirror finish chill roller

Injection Molder for Plastic Processing

Plastic Processing and Plastic Extruder Feeder Equipment

  • Custom Built Plastic Processing Equipment
    • Drum tumblers
    • Classifiers
    • Water bath’s
    • Air knifes